Nebraska Assocation of Senior Centers

Promoting and Supporting Senior Centers in Nebraska

The Nebraska Association of Senior Centers (NASC) was established in 1983 and was re-established in 1988. NASC exists to promote and support senior centers in Nebraska. It has participated in such events as the sponsorship of the Mrs. Senior Nebraska Pageant. The organization also sponsors an annual conference.

According to The Older Americans Act: "A senior center is a community focal point where older persons, as individuals or in groups, come together for services and activities, which enhance their dignity, support their independence, and encourage their involvement in and with the community.

"As part of the comprehensive strategy to meet the needs of older persons, senior center programs take place within and emanate from a facility. These programs consist of a variety of services and activities in such areas as education, creative arts, recreation, advocacy, leadership development, employment, health, nutrition, social work and other supportive services.

"The center also serves as a community resource for information on aging, for training professional and lay leadership and for developing new approaches to aging problems."

NASC Officers:

President- Brenda Motis, Sunflower Region
Vice-President- Trish Jimenez, Prairie Region
Secretary- Tammy Musgrave, Sunflower Region
Treasurer- Donetta Nye, Sunflower Region
Membership Coordinator: Colleen Clayton, Sunflower Region


  1. 2019 NASC Conference is Sept 26-27 in Columbus at Ramada Inn
  2. 2019 NASC Conference brochure
  3. 2019 Membership dues