Aging and Disability Resource Center FAQ

  • Where can I receive information on in home services and supports?
  • What are my options in regards to long term care living arrangements?
  • Do I qualify for assistance paying for my long term care supports and services?
  • I need modifications done to my home, who do I contact?
  • I'm concerned that my friend/ family member is living in an unsafe environment.
  • I need access to mental health services, who can I contact?
  • Are there other financial assistances programs I can receive assistance from?
  • Can I receive home delivered meals?
  • We need assistance with Power of Attorney or other legal documents.
  • I am in need of respite services for my loved one.

We can help you with these and many other difficult circumstances you may be encountering. The ADRC is here to help you navigate through what can be a daunting and confusing process when you are unfamiliar with long term services and supports. ADRC Options Counselors are available to meet and discuss your concerns more thoroughly, utilizing our options counselor person centered service. We would love to help you sort through current and future options available to you.

To reach the ADRC please call (800) 955-9714 ext. 316 or (844) 843-6364, staff are available to answer your call between the hours of 8:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday.