Care Management

Care Managers work individually with older adults and their family members. Our nurses are trained to help frail older adults remain independent for as long as possible.

Some problems should not be faced alone. A medical condition, a financial need, or perhaps the loss of a spouse, may signal a change in life that requires the support of others. There are many services, programs and opportunities available for people who want to stay independent and/or remain a part of the community. To the untrained eye; however, the social services system may seem like a tangle of age requirements and financial or medical eligibility guidelines.

That is where we can help. MAAA care managers evaluate the living situation of frail older adults to find the community resources to meet their specific needs. Care managers design personalized care plans and help set up services.

Who is eligible?

Care management through MAAA is available for anyone age 60 and older in our service area. The fee for care management services is based on the individual's income.

Resources available through MAAA care managers

  • Long-term assessment and design of a care plan
  • Family and individual counseling
  • Advice on financial matters and available benefits
  • Coordination of all services coming into the home
  • Information on how to choose a nursing home
  • Provide a health and social assessment
  • Help plan for needed services
  • Contact other agencies on behalf of client
  • Monitor how services are provided on a long-term basis